York 20KG Vinyl Weight Plate Pack


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  • Quality weight sets manufactured in Canada
  • Varied weights to load on dumbbells bar and barbell
  • Ideal set to complement any home gym set up
  • Cost effective alternative to cast plates
  • Safe to handle and easy to clean


4 x 1.25 KG Vinyl Weight Plates
2 x 2.5 KG Vinyl Weight Plates
2 x 5 KG Vinyl Weight Plates


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Lifting weights is a great way to build muscle, develop physique, lose weight and tone the upper body, and our York Fitness Vinyl Weight Plate Packs are designed to fit any 1″ Standard bars or barbells. Ideal for increasing strength training intensity the vinyl weight packs are an economic way to update your home strength workouts and provide a new challenge. They are also designed for loading onto home bench attachments like fly arms, leg curls, and lat pulldowns.




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