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UFC Ultimate Training Strength Benches are designed to be used with other UFC fitness accessories to deliver maximum performance. Perfect for strength training and improving overall fitness for an ultimate workout.

Explore UFC Strength Benches at Boyles Fitness Equipment. Shop with us for genuine UFC Strength Benches, fighting gloves & more.

Your body was designed to function, but why stop there? True UFC athletes don’t sit on the sidelines or settle for less than their best. So raise the bar and keep breaking barriers. Age, gender or fitness level does not count – dedication does.

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Boyles Fitness Equipment (BFE) is one of the leading fitness wholesalers in the market; we have the most experienced team in the industry. Most of our staff have at least 10 years in the fitness industry and some over 20 years. Please contact us on (07) 3185 4040 for more information or availability of our UFC range. For your convenience we accept Visa, Mastercard, ZIP, AfterPay and PayPal payments. Order online today with confidence. Experience our outstanding customers service and exceptional delivery & shipping times. Boyles Fitness Equipment (BFE) has a showroom in our Queensland warehouse.

Please contact Boyles Fitness Equipment (BFE) at email: and let us know if you would like view our UFC range so we can schedule a time for your visit. If you are not in Queensland, we will put you in touch with a store in your area.


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