York 10kg Cast Iron Disc


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  • 1 x 10KG Cast Iron Disc
  • Progressively adding weight to your workout is key for muscle growth and increasing strength
  • Use for compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, military press, skull-crushers and bench presses
  • Designed to fit all 1 inch diameter standard sized dumbells or barbells


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The York Cast Iron Disc is a simple plate that offers a variety of sizes. These plates can be used with our standard barbells or dumbbell handles to make an adjustable set of dumbbells, or with any equipment that uses standard plates. The York Cast Iron plates are manufactured to the highest standards and feature a matte black finish with an embossed York logo and the weight in KG. Ideal for aspiring body builders, use with one inch standard bars for a really tough session and to add real intensity to your workout. Famous for producing weight plates for over 80 years, there are more weight plates branded York in the world than any other brand!


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