UFC Official Pro Competition Fight Gloves Mens XL


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• Comfortable gel protection in knuckle area

• Snug fit

• Great wrist support & knuckle protection

• Premium leather construction


These UFC Fight Gloves Mens-XL – are part of the UFC Official Pro Competition Fight Gloves range used by all UFC fighters, and is a highly sought after glove. Pre-curved, anatomically correct design offers a secure and comfortable fit. Layered gel protection over the knuckles with open finger design, gives you more flexibility and free range of motion. Made of high-quality premium leather. Features propriety dual-locking closure system for premium wrist support without sacrificing comfort.

The UFC Fight Gloves Mens-XL features include:
– Mens size – Extra Large
– Layered gel protection
– Pre-curved design ensures a proper fit
– Dual-locking closure system
– Premium leather construction

Your body was designed to function, but why stop there? True athletes don’t sit on the sidelines or settle for less than their best. So raise the bar and keep breaking barriers. Age, gender or fitness level does not count – dedication does.

Ultimate fitness isn’t a game, it’s training for the real world, to get the job done – whatever that may be. If you want to become the best version of yourself, stop playing and start working. Challenge yourself and be disciplined in your pursuit of success. Take your training to the next level with equipment designed for you to give it your all. Don’t just function – perform.

A quality official product from UFC. Order online and train today.

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