Safety Key 7


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Replacement Safety Key for the following York Treadmills

YRK51044 – York T103 Treadmill
YRK51045 – York T200 Treadmill
YRK51047 – York Anniversary T203 Treadmill
YRK51049 – York T300 Treadmill
YRK51050 – York T301 Treadmill
YRK51051 – York T302 Treadmill
YRK51057 – York Exergear HRC Plus Treadmill
YRK51059 – York T200 Treadmill
YRK51070 – York Challenger Definition Treadmill
YRK51093 – York Aspire Treadmill
YRK51100 – York Nexus Treadmill

If you are unsure about selecting the correct item, please contact us before making your purchase.

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Safety Key 7


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